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US $5 - 20
(Min. Order: 1 Ton)

Refractory pink fiber glasswool roll with aluminum foil

Brand Name : Housin
Place of Origin : Hebei,China (Mainland)
Model Number : G1
Color : Pink
Function : Noice reduction,thermal insulation
Application : Noise reduction system, tansportation tools,computer lab

US $2500 - 3000
(Min. Order: 500 Packs)

Ceramic Noise Reduction

Place of Origin : Washington,United States
Brand Name : Green-Tech


(Min. Order: 1 Twenty-Foot Container)

High performance vibration damping sheet for noise reduction

Brand Name : SR damper
Place of Origin : JP
Model Number : SR-2032-3
Size : 500x1000
Material : viscoelastic polymer
Thickness : 1,2,3mm


(Min. Order: 200 Pieces)

Air Muffler Horticulture Muffler Air Silencer Hydroponics Muffler

Brand Name : OEM,Trilite
Place of Origin : CN
Model Number : Air Silencer
Hydroponics Muffler Power Type : Electric
Hydroponics Muffler Warranty : 3years
Hydroponics Muffler Size : 4",6",8"


(Min. Order: 1 Set)

High Quality Vent Silencer ,Sound Reduction 35dB Made in China

Brand Name : CLET
Place of Origin : Heilongjiang,China (Mainland)
Model Number : CLDD45/CLDD65
Type : Exhaust Silencer
Noise Eilimination Length : 4000mm--6000mm
Noise Elimination : 35dBA

US $15 - 120
(Min. Order: 10 Pieces)

GS7 Series wire rope isolator noise and vibration reduction

Place of Origin : Hebei,China (Mainland)
Brand Name : Anlijing
Model Number : GS

US $10000 - 20000
(Min. Order: 1 Set)

High Quality Acoustical and Noise Enclosures for noise reduction

Brand Name : Zisen
Place of Origin : Sichuan,China (Mainland)
Model Number : One-piece Acoustical Enclosures ,Fabricated Acoustical Enclosures
Material : Steel plate or aluminum alloy plate, glass wool
Purpose : for various noisy equipment, e.g. compressor, water pump, etc.
Non-flammable grade : Grade A


(Min. Order: 1000 Meters)

Deadening Noise Material Mat

Brand Name : Shuangyuan
Place of Origin : Shandong,China (Mainland)
Model Number : Sound Proof Acoustic Enclosures
Color : black, white
Material : butyl rubber
Function : soundproof and seal

US $61 - 180
(Min. Order: 100 Sets)

Silencer for noise reduction

Place of Origin : Guangdong,China (Mainland)
Brand Name : Goorui
color : golden
application : air blower


(Min. Order: 1 Set)

High Quality Noise Reduction Devise For Blower Use.....

Place of Origin : Delhi,India
Model Number : EAH
Brand Name : EVEREST
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